Blanche DeBris

American Treasure, Always High-Class!

American Treasure Blanche DeBris has been entertaining herself and occasionally others for more years than she can reliably count, and has performed internationally and in Canada (accidentally). Reviews range from "Devastatingly adequate!" to "Not as appalling as some others!" If America had a sweetheart, Blanche would be her well-meaning but less attractive best friend. Blanche’s gleeful wide-eyed wonderment and bewildering optimism is a result of growing up on a ranch with a whole lot of mommies. Plus there was that lady who collected the application fees from all the men who interviewed to be her daddy.

Blanche made her burlesque debut in 2008 at Seattles Moisture Festival. To her surprise, she was asked to return to perform and co-host, and became a festival favorite. She has hosted the most prestigious international burlesque event, the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Tournament of Tease - Miss Exotic World competition in 2013 and its Movers, Shakers, Innovators night in 2012 and 2014. Additionally, she has performed or emceed such prestigious shows as the New Orleans Burlesque Festival Queen’s Ball, the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, Kitty Nights West  & The Taboo Revue (Vancouver), Windy City Burlesque Festival & The Tease (Chicago), Viva Dallas Burlesque, Victory Variety Hour & the Hollywood Burlesque Festival (Los Angeles), Live Burlesque in Las Vegas, as well as private and corporate events.

Ms. DeBris is known for her endearing personality, her sparkling wit and repartee, the original rap songs she performs when she emcees (co-written with Eric “Travis” Wilson), and for being blonde through and through. As her mommy Tallulah used to say, “Oh Blanche, you’re not very pretty…but at least you’re stupid!”